The TKTX cream has been on the market since 1996, so more than 26 years ago the need for pain-relieving ointments and creams in the field of tattoos began. Since then, this cream has become the most popular preparation among tattoo fans.

In the beginning the 20% TKTX was distributed, quickly followed by TKTX 35%, TKTX 38%, TKTX 39% until the last ointment TKTX 40%. The green TKTX has the highest active ingredient concentration, 8% lidocaine, 8% prilocaine and 2% epinephrine.

But what cream should I use? You should answer this question yourself and keep in mind that each of these colors is particularly effective. Over the years, however, a trend towards the green and red has developed and TKTX regards them as all-rounders. It is advisable not only to test one color, but to take two different ones in direct comparison and find the one for the best mixture.